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          Brand Products

          DL-12V Laser Levels

          Electric Hammers

          DL-12V Laser Levels

          Cordless Tools

          DL-12V Laser Levels

          Marble Cutters

          DL-12V Laser Levels

          Laser Levels

          About Us

          Company Culture

          Hefun will continue to make one step at a time, do a good job of products, and serve customers at all levels! To sustainable, and sharing!

          Our Product

          From the user's point of view, Hefun adheres the principle of “practical, easy to use and durable” humanized development, constantly optimizes and upgrades its products!

          Our Advantage

          Looking back to the deveopment, Hefun, have conneted tightly with research and development staff contribution! connect tightly of company's employees! connected tightly with the promotion and service of dealers across the country! connected tightly with the trust and feedback of national users!

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